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What is a Web App?

Phone Apps: Phone apps allow you to integrate with a system, perform tasks, all from a central place. Phone apps are able to utilize the hardware your phone has like the camera; or the touch interface; and they are natively mobile.

The Phone App Problem: Your business now must maintain multiple versions of your phone app, for every operating system like iOS and Android, and is also backward and forward compatible with the various releases and devices. This becomes very expensive to create and costly to maintain.

The Solution—A Web App: A Web App from Consistent Hits is a mobile-friendly (and desktop-friendly) interface that uses modern jQuery, HTML5, and  CSS3 standards, that is natively accessible and functional app on ALL devices and on ALL operating systems, including iOS, Android, Kindle, Windows, and more.

“Why would I need one?”: Begin by considering your business needs… say you have complicated Word or PDF forms. These forms are multi-page paper forms that require your sales or management team, technicians or field reps to complete a large number of responses. Say you also need your team to send photos or other attachments with their report. Which photos and attachments go with which question or section of your form? How do you store those photos and attachments? Can they be easily matched up later? Now… what kind of reporting do you have? Can you easily print PDFs of the completed forms with their responses and attachments? Can you provide custom PDFs to your client tailored for them based off of the filed report?

There is a solution for that!

BASIC SYSTEMS INTEGRATION – Applications and Shopping Carts

Do you want to connect your website with Yelp, Facebook, OpenTable, SurveyMonkey, Google Docs and email managers such Vertical Response and Constant Contact? Or integrate an off-the-shelf shopping cart solution or other application that would enhance your web visitors’ experience? We can integrate these with your website so that when visitors engage with these applications they are doing it on your site with your branding. We can also create contact forms and ensure you receive the form data in the way that works best for you, whether that is email, text or populating a database.

This is a great solution for:

–        Ensuring your Facebook and Yelp comments automatically populate to your website, such as your testimonial page.

–        Creating an online reservation system, using OpenTable

–        Implementing a quality assurance program using SurveyMonkey

–        Automatically uploading subscribers to your newsletter email list


If you require a customized system, such as a shopping cart or document sharing system, we take the steps to thoroughly understand your needs and what you want to accomplish. Then we work to make it as easy and straightforward as possible for you to roll it out to employees, no matter the complexities required. We often find that systems and needs constantly evolve so we keep this in mind as we examine current and future requirements to make the system successful. During the design process we also keep in mind your budget and help you identify what is a necessity without ruling out aspects that could provide even greater efficiencies and enhancements.

Gabe to provide examples….document management system…Additional notes…

Regardless of what it is – shipping, sales proposals, e-Commerce, inventory or document sharing – it is about systems integration. And then arranging systems so they talk to one another and generate the information you and your employees require to work.


Whether we are designing complex integrated sales, inventory, shipping, and ecommerce systems we give companies in one part of the country the ability to interact with other companies anywhere in the world so they can grow their sales. No matter what country or time zones you, your manufacturers or distributors are, you can communicate and share systems in real time. We’ve developed sales proposal creation and inventory and shipping sharing systems that allow all business partners to create product proposals quickly, enabling manufacturers to update those products in real time. This means you can create proposals quickly and get those proposals in the hands of prospective buyers within minutes so that you can get started on their order, no matter where they are. And if we know internet connectivity might be a problem, we’ve designed “portable” solutions “in the field” sales representatives can load on their laptop to produce proposals while standing with their buyer at a trade show or while standing in the middle of a wheat field.